Only when wet!


The self watering Skidpan at the Sutton Road Driver Training Centre is the perfect training tool for loss of control situations. Duplicating real on-road conditions is not possible, but you can certainly simulate it. Learn how your vehicle behaves in the wet. Test out the stability control or ABS. The Skidpan is the best place we can think of to "loose it".

  • Self watering
  • Adjacent classrooms
  • Shaded observation area
  • Parking for 50 vehicles
  • BBQ facilities


All facility hirers are required to book a minimum of 2 hours use of any single facility resource per day. Prior to hiring the facility the following documents must be completed and faxed to Sutton Road (+61 2 62976986). This includes a copy of a current certificate of public liability insurance to ten million dollars.

Download Hire contract & Hiring Rules